January 23, 2018

Archives for April 21, 2011

Own an Android? An iPhone? Google & Apple may be tracking you.

In fact, no maybe about it. They are. It’s scary to think, but there it is, in the Wall Street Journal: Google and Apple are gathering location information as part of their race to build massive databases capable of pinpointing people’s locations via their cellphones. These databases could help them tap the $2.9 billion market […]

Language we use: “You Are What You Speak”

One of the first warnings I received in  law school was to not pick over the language and grammar of ‘mere mortals.’ In other words, non-lawyers. It won’t win you friends, they said. Nor will it endear you to your spouse. Sure enough, it didn’t take a month before I caught myself saying something  to my wife […]

Mitt Romney has an Onion problem.

Mitt Romney, candidate for President, is often accused of having a “healthcare” problem. The latest media outlet to question his healthcare policies while he was governor of Massachusetts is the Onion. In an interview there, he said he was sorry. “Every day I am haunted by the fact that I gave impoverished Massachusetts citizens a […]